Ningbo Guangbo Stationery Industrial Co., Ltd is the core subsidiary company of Guangbo Stock, mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of stationery in domestic market. The company focuses on the development of products and marketing, improves market service capability with high-efficient supply chain, and implements the domestic sales strategy of Guangbo Stationery for suppliersintegration with ERP system as an information platform. At present, the company has formed four product series, i.e. office stationery, student stationery, gift stationery and printing paper products.
It is also rapidly extending the products chain with powerful design strength and global design resources. Meanwhile, the company has carried out the rapid extension of Guangbo trademark through the output of this trademark and the integration of supplier resources. Furthermore, the company has established sales subsidiaries or offices in 13 main cities and areas in china, expanding the businesses of wholesale markets and supermarkets at a high speed through door to door services and changing from a manufacture-oriented enterprise to a brand operation-oriented enterprise step by step.